NBA - Pourquoi Bill Russell vient d'accepter sa bague du Hall of Fame... 44 ans après

NBA – Bill Russell is dead


Sad news on this Sunday evening: Bill Russell, the man with 11 rings, eternal legend of the Celtics and the league, has passed away. He was 88 years old. The greatest winner in NBA history is gone.

He left to join his rival Wilt Chamberlain in the stars. Bill Russell, NBA pioneer in the 1950s and 1960s, and the league’s first black coach, died in his sleep alongside his wife Jeannine.

NBA legend Bill Russell has died peacefully at the age of 88. RIP.

In his honor, we offer you this video, which traces some of his most beautiful actions. Its impact is so vast that 1,000 videos wouldn’t do it justice.

Michael Jordan probably won’t forget the punchline that the great Bill had thrown at him a few years ago… A tasty and witty anecdote, like the Celtics legend.

The NBA world is mourning one of its most iconic legends, whose impact on basketball, the NBA and the culture around them has been immeasurable. Rest in peace, sir.

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