NBA superstar Stephen Curry on a romantic vacation in Antibes

NBA superstar Stephen Curry on a romantic vacation in Antibes

Those yellow walls and alcove windows could be confusing. Italy? Morocco? Croatia? France? Then there was a second photo posted, in a small street, on which the sign of the restaurant Chez Lulu appears…

No doubt, NBA superstar Stephen Curry is in Antibes this weekend. On the second shot, more in love than ever, kissing the one who has been his wife since 2011, Ayesha Alexander, in rue Frédéric Isnard.

On the social network Instagram, the player of the Golden State Warriors (San Francisco) shared several photos of their little trip. “My Ish. I love this adventure with you more and more. I am already blessed in so many ways, and who knows what the future holds?”, he writes in the caption of this series of vacation photos, where we see him in particular posing in front of a door marked with the number 11, to symbolize the number of years of marriage of the couple, who have two daughters and a boy.

We then see the couple posing in complete relaxation in front of the boulevard d’Aguillon, at the entrance to old Antibes, then on a boat with a captain’s cap on their head. “We continue to grow and love each other. A new chapter is opening”, concludes the one who was once again elected MVP (best player) this year, during the NBA finals won against the Boston Celtics.

The best shooter in the history of basketball, a practicing evangelical Christian, ends his dedication with “1 Corinthians 13:8”, a Bible passage about love.


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