Les 10 meilleurs shooteurs à très longue distance en NBA

The 10 best long range shooters in the NBA

Today, NBA players are able to shoot with ease from far beyond the 3-point line. From 8 meters away from the basket, including one meter further than the line, it can be considered a “long” outside shot. PBStats had fun classifying the most skillful long-range shooters on the line last season, among those who attempted at least 100 shots from 27 feet (8.22 meters) from the circle (there are 27). There are a few surprises.

Stephen Curry thus only arrives 10th and would even have been out of the top 10 if Duncan Robinson had taken an extra shot to be eligible. The Golden State Warriors point guard, champion for the fourth time in his career a few weeks ago, posted 34.8% in the exercise. We imagine that the percentage would already seem crazy to an NBA player of the 80s who could have read into the future at the time.

For the rest, the number one sniper is called Bones Hyland, rookie in Denver last season, with 39% at this distance. Hyland leads two Cavs players, Lauri Markkanen (38.9%) and Darius Garland (37.7%), proof if any that Cleveland has a team with a modern and credible profile for the future.

Garrison Mathews (37.5%), who played for the Rockets this year, and his teammate Eric Gordon (37.1%), completely the top 5. Behind them, there is standing, with the All-Stars Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Kevin Love and Fred VanVleet.

The top 10 shooters over 27 feet

1- Bones Hyland – 39%
2- Lauri Markkanen – 38.9%
3- Darius Garland- 37.7%
4- Garrison Mathews – 37.5%
5- Eric Gordon- 37.1%
6- Trae Young – 37%
7- Luka Doncic – 37%
8- Kevin Love- 35.5%
9- Fred VanVleet – 35.3%
10-Stephen Curry- 34.8%

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