NBA Westbrook échangé aux Pacers ?

The Lakers / Jazz trade mentioned to resolve the Russell Westbrook file!

Eager to separate from Russell Westbrook in order to be able to significantly improve their roster, the Lakers have so far not found a deal with one of the 29 other teams in the league. The light could well come from the Jazz, with the evocation of a 3-player deal that seems ideal for everyone… on one condition.

Everyone knows it now beyond a shadow of a doubt: the Lakers all want to get rid of Russell Westbrook, from Rob Pelinka to LeBron James and just about everyone. It must be said that the Brodie, his staggering $47 million contract for next season, and his reluctance to adapt his game and no longer be considered a superstar, form an explosive cocktail that it seems impossible or almost impossible to resorb. for Darvin Ham.

So far, discussions have taken place with a few rare franchises, including Indiana, without however following up. According to several specialists, the solution could in fact come from the West, and more precisely from Utah. One condition, very important: this deal only works if the Jazz goes into reconstruction mode and separates from Donovan Mitchell.

Between Jazz and Lakers, the ideal solution for everyone

In this hypothesis of departure from Spida, and therefore of total explosion in Salt Lake City to launch a new project, the trade below seems perfect:

Lakers receive: Mike Conley, Bogdan Bogdanovic
The Jazz receives: Russell Westbrook, 1st round of Draft 2027

The Jazz would thus recover the famous 1st round of Draft 2027, as well as Westbrook. Two possibilities would then be offered: cut him off immediately, even if it meant owing him money for several years, or, more likely, make him play a tanking season without too much interest, “blank”, while waiting for his contract to expire. in the summer of 2023. Utah would then have 50 million dollars released in cap space, and enough to strike a blow in free agency.

For their part, the Lakers are doing a double blow, even a triple blow! In addition to finally getting rid of Westbrook, the California franchise would recover an experienced point guard, posed, good shooter, and who seems to be an infinitely more coherent fit alongside LeBron James. The need for position 1 would therefore be met, and that of external address would also be improved with the arrival of Bogdanovic, who flirts with 40% at three points in his career.

In summary, this would be the perfect move for the Angelinos, but whether that assumption survives depends on whether or not Danny Ainge officially kicks off the Jazz side’s rebuild. And all of this will of course be about the future of one man: Donovan Mitchell.

If Donovan Mitchell ends up leaving Utah, as many insiders believe, the Lakers would do well to immediately pick up the phone to call the Jazz. Such a trade currently seems the optimal solution to finally turn the page on Russell Westbrook.

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