La pépite française de l'ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama, a livré un récital face à l'Argentine en marge de la coupe du monde u19, avec une action sensationnelle

Victor Wembanyama even bigger than announced?! The crazy video

Increasingly watched and expected internationally, Victor Wembanyama continues to fascinate with his immense size. This could actually exceed the figures mentioned for months, and make it even more amazing!

Impossible for an NBA prospect to be considered by specialists as a future 1st Draft pick with a single quality. This is good, since Victor Wembanyama has more than one in his panoply. Whether by his technical ease, his ease of movement, or his qualities as a shooter, the young French hopeful impresses observers. Even more given its size, which makes it an extraordinary nugget.

Since his explosion with the general public, Wembz has fascinated by his morphology, which, according to some, makes him the greatest talent of all time. However, the versions differ concerning its true measurements. It would indeed seem that its size, long estimated at 2m19, is even higher today. A video that recently went viral gives credit to this version.

Victor Wembanyama very close to 2m25?!

A few weeks ago, an American scout relayed a highlight by Victor Wembanyama by announcing it… at 2m24. For some, it could only be a typographical error on the part of the author of the tweet. However, it could be that this value is indeed the correct one. Indeed, a sequence captured during the U19 World Cup last summer visually confirms this version!

Everyone already knew that Victor peaks above the American phenomenon Chet Homlgren, listed at 2m13. However, he also compares with the Canadian Zach Edey, for his part announced… at 2m24. For some, it would even be bigger than the interior of Purdue in these images! What once again cast doubt on his real physical data, and make the NBA franchises salivate a little more.

Despite all their interest in the former ASVEL, the latter nevertheless risk having some reservations about him. The recent update on his health which he was the subject of on the sidelines of the gathering of the France team is not really enough to reassure one year from his big leap across the Atlantic. We must therefore hope that his crazy growth does not lead to too great a fragility in the rest of his career!

Gigantic alongside the freaks that are Chet Holmgren and Zach Edey, Victor Wembanyama could therefore become the greatest player in the NBA during his potential arrival in the league. Even Boban Marjanovic would not measure up next to him!

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