Miles Bridges a frappé sa femme Mychelle Johnson

Young league star backs Miles Bridges, fans outraged

Embroiled in serious charges of domestic violence, Miles Bridges sees the threat of a stay in prison weighing on him. However, a young rising star of the league saw fit to appear in the process of taking over a piece of rap from the Hornets player, who is moreover a misogynist. Not really the best timing…

Coming off of his career-best season and heading straight for a huge check, Miles Bridges was caught up in the justice system. Formally accused of cowardly hitting his wife in front of their child, the Hornets winger faces up to 11 years in prison. In this context, obviously, no NBA team wanted to secure his services, and no one knows if the one who claimed the title of MIP last year will play again one day in the big league.

Bridges has remained silent on the subject since the revelation of the case, but he was still spotted a few weeks ago in the middle of a workout with Draymond Green. Recently, another player joined him, in a somewhat questionable choice: Jalen Green.

Jalen Green’s bad idea amid controversy

On Instagram, the Rockets’ leaping guard couldn’t think of a better idea than to relay a passage from the album’s track “Outro” Up The Score of RTB MB, stage name of Miles Bridges. The lyrics in question glorify weapons, and objectify women, which frankly does not help the situation.

Naaan, Jalen Green who throws a piece of Miles Bridges on his story, it’s crazy

Quickly, and unsurprisingly, fans were shocked by the 20-year-old’s behavior:

Jalen Green listening to a Miles Bridges sound on his Insta story. Maybe he’s not our savior after all.

Jalen Green posted a video of himself listening to Miles Bridges music. Wow, he didn’t understand.

Jalen Green hasn’t had the best idea of ​​​​his young career by displaying himself in this way, even if Miles Bridges will appreciate the support of his counterpart. It now remains to wait for the rest of the legal procedures, and the sentence for the Hornets winger.

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