L'intérieur NBA star des New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson

“Zion? I’m not going to kill him as much as I want.”

As he tries to change the course of his career and finally take off in the NBA, Zion Williamson has seen a somewhat embarrassing clause in his contract come to light. A somewhat special endorsement concerning his weight, and which made a player who knows this problem quite well react…

Zion Williamson knows it: if it’s not now or never, it looks like it. For his 4th season in the league, already, and just crowned with a juicy contract extension, the former Duke must prove that he is able to adapt to the requirements of the NBA. The first step in this? Control your weight, of course. And to make sure, the Pelicans have included a very specific clause that prevents the Z from blowing up the scale, under penalty of financial penalties!

A solution that may be a little extreme, of course, but completely justified according to Kendrick Perkins. Himself having sometimes had trouble controlling his Big Perk weight is not shocked by such a procedure. However, he was candid about Williamson’s situation, as if to remind him of his duties:

Big Perk cash judgment on Zion Williamson

Normally, it’s a clause that an offensive linesman (position in NFL, editor’s note) has in his contract. Zion has hired new people on its team, and it is clear that they are working very well in terms of its marketing, its communication. So he tries to change things. He tries. So I’m not going to kill him as much as I want to.

But the fact that his weight + body fat clause is at 295 tells me one thing, and one thing only: his lifestyle and his habits off the court are not at the required level.

Words full of accuracy on the part of Perkins, who rightly points out that Zion has begun to work to change things. The addition of a new personal coach, as well as a chef devoted to the scrupulous preparation of his meals, are all actions that testify to an awareness on the part of the colossus.

Finally, remember that such weighty clauses, although rare, have already been used throughout the NBA, sometimes successfully. It was in particular the operation of Spurs with Boris Diaw, which allowed the Frenchman to be one of the key elements of the Spurs joga bonito of the mid-2010s. It was up to Zion to follow in his footsteps and use this clause to pass a cap.

Zion Williamson has finally understood it: to be a lasting star in the NBA requires sacrifices, and an above-average lifestyle. After 3 years of watching most matches from the stands or the sidelines, the time has come to act. And that’s all we want.

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