La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a sérieusement adoubé un de ses pairs au All-Star Game lors de sa conférence de presse d'avant-match

2 players crack: “Tell your grandmother to write to me in private”

The players NBA are not simple colleagues or simple teammates, they often become faithful friends or even brothers. They can therefore afford a few inappropriate jokes, like these two young stars on social networks.

We often hear that the NBA is a big family, and there are many examples that go in this direction. Indeed, the players share a common history, often come from similar environments, have grown up watching the same legends, which creates quite strong bonds. Just see the sacred union following the death of legend Bill Russell to understand the unity that exists in this league.

Moreover, this NBA family had also been very united following the disappearance of Kobe Bryant, with tributes across all franchises, players who have decided to give up their No. 8 or 24 as a sign of respect, and especially poignant messages for Vanessa Bryant and all those affected. But fortunately, there are also good times to underline this spirit of fraternity.

Josh Giddey flirts with a teammate’s grandmother!

For instance, LeBron James and Draymond Green have both just vacationed in Canada, and they’re enjoying the stay to the fullest with boozy meals and viral dances. And who says friendship obviously says jokes and mockery, which Josh Giddey and Tre Mann, the two nuggets of the Thunder, have just done on Instagram. They offered the most lunar exchange of 2022.

Tre Mann: Take it easy my grandma is on Instagram

Josh Giddey: Tell him my DMs are open

Josh Giddey has shown great things this season on the pitch, and he is obviously just as comfortable in his mastery of social networks, with this rather predictable joke, but incredibly well done. And the craziest thing about this story is that despite his 405,000 subscribers, his DM’s are indeed open, no doubt waiting for the woman of his life. What if he really tried his luck with Grandma Mann? With the quality of his photos, there is no doubt that there is agitation in his messaging:

NBA players can quickly become more than just teammates and build relationships. connections very strong friendships. The proof, you have to be damn comfortable and damn confident to release such a punchline on social networks.

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