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36 years later, Michael Jordan confirms a crazy story!

Michael Jordan is a legendary player, so it’s no surprise that some stories about him are beyond belief. His Airness has also confirmed one of them recently, which dates from almost 40 years ago. This is completely crazy !

Meetings with fans, Michael Jordan has experienced many over time. However, the latest was a bit special for him, as he is currently crossing Europe. Passing through Italy recently, he was notably approached by the manager of a private airport where he was stopping over. However, the latter is a longtime fan of the legend of the Bulls and took the opportunity to share an unpublished anecdote about him and the former rear, on social networks:

Hello, my name is Marco Guglielmetti and I work for a private flight company in Milan. I had known for a few days that yesterday we would have a special guest on board… So I decided to take my cousin’s pair of Air Jordans that MJ signed 31 years ago at the end of a game of the Bulls, and that he decided to give me a few years ago.

When I found him in front of me, I took the shoes and showed them to him, explaining the story to him. At that point, MJ gave me a big smile and said, “I remember that signature… But those shoes are over 30 years old and you still have them?! And nothing else, he remembered this episode: he is not a human, he is a cyborg! Before saying goodbye to me, he told me that the signature on these shoes is his signature as a young boy and that over the years he has changed it.

36 years later, the unpublished anecdote about Michael Jordan

The story is pretty crazy, and it’s clear that this must have been a very special moment for the His Airness fan. Seeing the Windy City superstar after receiving such a gift doesn’t happen every day. Above all, MJ has publicly confirmed his story that his sneakers were autographed by him in person! Interviewed by the Italian daily Gazetto dello Sporthe shared a little more about the moments leading up to the exchange:

I took the shoes with me to show him, but I would have just seen him from afar. (…) A colleague told me: “Go ahead, it’s your time”. I approached, apologizing for the inconvenience, and I didn’t want a photo or autograph. But I proudly showed him the shoes and asked him if he had really signed himself like that at the time. And yes, he confirmed it: the autograph is authentic.

Marco Guglielmetti had the immense good fortune to meet Michael Jordan years after receiving shoes autographed by him. The six-time champion experienced a return to the past, seeing himself confronted with his former signature. That does not make it any younger!

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