La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, a été photographiée aux côtés d'un gros nom d'une top-team qu'il souhaiterait rejoindre, provoquant le buzz sur les réseaux

A preference for Donovan Mitchell? His viral video in the middle of the match!

Passing through a secondary league a few days ago, Donovan Mitchell put on a show… in Miami. It was enough to ignite supporters, who had a message for Spida, not untouchable on the Jazz side. And given his reaction, we have to believe that the person concerned is not insensitive to this call.

Jazz star since his arrival in the NBA, Donovan Mitchell was not necessarily seen as a potential All-Star. A good player, able to shine, but maybe not to this extent, except for Utah. A few years later, Spida has yet to prove that he can win and lead a team to the top, but his professional debut is promising. Now ? It’s time to take it to the next level, with the possibility of winning a title.

The ideal scenario had been clear for a few years in Salt Lake City: take it all with Rudy Gobert and Mitchell as the stars of the squad. But as you already know, the plan didn’t go as planned. Defeats have rocketed over the past 8 seasons, with Quin Snyder gone, just like Rudy, now with Wolves. And Spida could be next.

Donovan Mitchell ready for the Eastern Conference?

For now, it’s impossible to know if Mitchell will join the Knicks or another team. Negotiations are taking place, but New York is struggling to make a big step forward. another team could just take advantage of it, namely the Heat, who still dream of recruiting the star, at least if the Kevin Durant file fails. During a recent appearance in Florida, for a match in a secondary league, the Jazz player was in any case recruited.

His reaction ? Yes, a big smile. Mitchell is a Dwyane Wade fan, so we imagine he wouldn’t mind playing for the Heat. It remains to be seen whether Pat Riley can complete the transaction:

He knows he wants to come here

Donovan Mitchell in Miami? The interest is mutual, but convincing the Jazz will not be easy. There is still Kevin Durant on the market, which means that the discussions do not necessarily progress very quickly. For Spida, an exchange is still a long way off. We will have to be patient for these fans.

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