Carmelo Anthony n’est pas un loser, juste un mauvais pilote ?

Carmelo Anthony is not a loser, just a bad driver?

While his NBA career is in its twilight years, carmelo anthony knows he’ll be in the Hall of Fame in a few years. But for part of the general public, Melo will always have the label of a player who has never won a title in the league, nor has he played a single game in the NBA Finals to date. . For Earl Watson, his former teammate in Denver (2005-2006), to hear that Carmelo Anthony is a loser or anything but a winner is unbearable. He explained it during his visit in the “Maybe I’m Crazy Podcast”.

“Carmelo Anthony immediately took his Nuggets team to the playoffs when he arrived in the NBA. Before that, he had won the NCAA national title with Syracuse. So you can’t tell me he’s not a winner. The The only problem he has had is in the way he has run his career, which is where players have to be careful.

If you remain the leader of an organization that doesn’t win, you’re quickly seen as not of great value to that team. He stayed on teams that weren’t good enough and he had to deal with all the scoring because there wasn’t another superstar with him.

However, he is my favorite teammate in my career. He spends his time in the gym, he loves basketball, doesn’t take things personally and laughs at himself, he shows no hatred and is fiery at the same time. Melo is someone.

We can also add to Earl Watson’s reflection that Carmelo Anthony was a winner with Team USA, of which he is one of the most outstanding members in history and its best scorer. Currently, the former Knicks star is out of contract after his inconclusive freelance with the Los Angeles Lakers and his friend LeBron James. Rumors lend the Warriors and Knicks an interest in Melo.

Carmelo Anthony, the idea of ​​​​a freelance at the Warriors?

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