Kevin Durant a été aperçu en France

In France, the viral photo of Kevin Durant at 3 a.m. in the street!

Kevin Durant is the originator of the NBA’s summertime soap opera, but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about his situation. On vacation in France, the number 7 of the Nets thinks above all to have fun, the proof on this viral image in the streets of Saint-Tropez in the middle of the night.

Just a year ago, almost all the specialists made the Nets the big favorites to win the NBA title and potentially become a dynasty… Credible comments at the time which are laughable today when you see the chaos in which the franchise is immersed. On the one hand Kevin Durant wants to jump ship, on the other the leaders would like to get rid of Kyrie Irving.

While he probably thought he was in an ideal situation to bounce back, Ben Simmons finds himself in an even more intense ordeal than in Philadelphia, and he could finally be the only All-Star in the workforce at the start of the school year. Especially since the lines are moving in the KD file, with an increasingly serious Celtics track, the two franchises can easily find their account in such a trade.

Kevin Durant seen at the panini stand in the middle of the night!

No doubt aware that he is at the origin of the soap opera of the summer in the NBA, the number 7 of the Nets does not seem to be concerned about the situation, quite the contrary. He decided to take a vacation in France to decompress, and he was spotted in the middle of the southern night. Hungry, he allowed himself a hell of a nutritional gap with a French tradition:

(credit: @felixjuares_)

Passing through Monaco during the EuroLeague playoffs to support his friend Mike James, Kevin Durant visibly fell in love with the Côte d’Azur, since he decided to settle in Saint-Tropez, like many planetary stars. And there is no question for him to watch his line during his stay, since he bought himself a panini in the middle of the night, which is not necessarily recommended for an athlete of this level.

In any case, this vacation is sure to fuel rumors about his future, since he is indeed only a few kilometers from his former teammate. Stephen Curry, seen him near Antibes this Sunday with his wife Ayesha. What if these two artisans of the Warriors dynasty organized a small meeting in the south to talk about a possible reunion? Even in summer, France is at the heart of NBA news!

For Kevin Durant, holidays are synonymous with pleasure, there is no question of refusing a small panini after a long evening in the restaurants and trendy clubs of Saint-Tropez. What if he followed James Harden’s example, returning to Brooklyn out of shape?

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