Kevin Durant face à la presse

Kevin Durant posted dirty for his stinginess!

Kevin Durant is particularly spied on this summer because of his inclinations departure. Everyone who knows him is questioned about it, and some do not hesitate to take out the big files. This is particularly the case of Mike James, former teammate and great friend of KD.

Kevin Durant is still not fixed on his future, he who asked to leave the Nets several weeks ago. In fact, the more time passes, the more likely it is to see him under the black and white tunic at the start of the school year, since he loves his sport too much to go on strike, contrary to the method Ben Simmons at the Sixers. What if Steve Nash’s men remained favorites for the title?

It must be said that in the shadows, and beyond the controversies, GM Sean Marks has done a fairly serious job on the market with the arrivals of Royce O’Neal and TJ Warren, two veterans who will bring depth and defense has a workforce that lacked so much last season. He could also perfect his work with the probable signing of a former Lakerschampion in 2020 in the bubble.

Mike James badly displays Kevin Durant on his stinginess!

In short, the Brooklyn season should be conditioned by the future of Kevin Durant, which is why his name is omnipresent in the mouths of all those who follow the franchise. Passing through the “Players Choice” podcast, former team leader Mike James returned to the Nets’ setbacks, and he also spoke about his friendship with KD, before revealing his stinginess.

When I signed with the Nets, I only knew Blake Griffin, but I know Kevin was one of those pushing for me to sign. In the end we saw that we enjoyed the same things in life, so when traveling we always hung out together. We became close friends, and when I joined Monaco, we promised each other that the first to finish his season would see the other in the playoffs.

I thought I was going to be able to see the Finals in June, but when I saw that the Nets sucked, I called Kevin to tell him to come to Monaco. Before the EuroLeague playoffs he called me to tell me that he would be there in Monaco. I know he made the return trip by private jet, but on the way there he took a commercial line because the prices were too high and it was driving him crazy. How can something be too expensive for Kevin Durant?!

With the salary received this season, Kevin Durant has received more than 300 million dollars during his career, enough to pay for all the trips in the private jet world! And yet, despite his bank account ready to crack, he refuses to splurge too much, even if it means taking an airliner, like everyone else. The good news for Mike James is that the Nets’ No. 7 still kept his promise to come to the playoffs.

Contrary to a lot other players before him, Kevin Durant will probably never be in need financially, since he remains very responsible despite his hundreds of millions. The private jet is a plus for his travels, but not at any price.

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