Charle Leclerc et Joel Embiid

Shipwreck of Charles Leclerc, Joel Embiid savagely drives the point home!

With Ferrari’s strategic fiasco making headlines across the F1 world after the Hungarian Grand Prix, Joel Embiid saw fit to join in the fun. And as often when the pivot of the Sixers intervenes on social networks, it is to provoke and rub the knife in the wound. Bad times for the Scuderia…

A sabotage, in good and due form. While Charles Leclerc had the Hungarian Grand Prix in hand halfway through the race, Ferrari inexplicably pitted the Monegasque on hard tyres. These tires, which Alpine had previously used in a total flop, caused Leclerc to lose his grip and his grip, who was swallowed up by Max Verstappen, winner of the day after his start in 10th position.

Ferrari still the laughingstock of F1, Joel Embiid adds a layer

3rd on the starting grid, Leclerc was forced to change his tires just a few laps later in view of the extent of the damage, and could not do better than 6th place in the end. A real rout, almost inexplicable, which did not fail to make Joel Embiid react. Big fan of Max Verstappen, of whom he had celebrated the title in his underpants at home a few months agothe pivot of the Sixers did not hesitate to swing a tackle supported at Ferrari:

It would be me the engineer at Ferrari it would be the same thing lol.. Each week is more incredible than the previous one.

It must be said that the weeks follow each other and are far too often alike for the Italian team, which had already almost knocked Evan Fournier out of his hinges recently. In Hungary, not placing any of Leclerc or Carlos Sainz on the podium is a matter of professional misconduct given the course of the race and the qualities of the car this year. However, Mattia Binotto did not wish to question Ferrari’s strategic choices after the race. One more time.

Leclerc, he was particularly annoyed, and recalled that everything was going well in medium before the fateful decision to switch to hard tires. Now left behind in the standings, the Monegasque will need a miracle to return to this championship. Verstappen and Embiid rub their hands.

A mark of excellence and prestige, Ferrari is far too often the laughingstock of the sports world this season. Something must change for the second part of the campaign, otherwise Joël Embiid will still have something to brag about at the expense of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz…

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