LeBron et Draymond Green ont dansé ivres dans les rues de Toronto

The crazy images of LeBron and Draymond, dancing drunk on the terrace!

NBA (DR) / @BleacherReport

LeBron James and Draymond Green have become very good friends over time, to the point of both going on vacation this summer. In fact, they were seen drunk on the streets of Toronto, with several bottles in his hands!

LeBron James has nothing left to prove in his career, so inevitably, the summers are a little less studious than in the past. The King is a four-time NBA champion, he is expected to become the all-time leading scorer next season, he is considered by some young players to be the GOAT, so he can take his foot off the top of his 37 years .

If he obviously spends time in the room, where he also develops terrifying new weapons for the rest of the league, he also organizes many trips to the four corners of the world with his family and friends. After the Maldives with his wife, after France and Paris for the final of the last Champions League, LeBron flew to Canada with Draymond Green !

LeBron and Draymond’s tribute to Antonio Brown!

And because they are both major investors in the Lobos tequila brand, which has incidentally been rewarded as one of the best in the world, they must not deprive themselves during meals. The proof, they were seen drunk on the terrace, with bottles in their hands, performing the choreography that is turning the United States right now.

After a boozy meal, LeBron James and Draymond Green got up from their table to perform the dance step popularized by former NFL superstar Antonio Brown, notably known for retiring in the middle of a meeting. Whether Stephen Curry created a movement with its “night night” celebration, Brown’s “Put That Sh*t On” could soon eclipse it.

LeBron James and Draymod Green are having a dream vacation in Toronto, where they’re very clearly enjoying life. Here is something to reinforce the increasingly insistent rumors of a future interior signing with the Lakers.

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