Bill Russell

The entire NBA pays tribute to Bill Russell on Twitter

Bill Russell passed away at the age of 88 on Sunday July 31. Not all Orange Ball fans grew up with him, but all Orange Ball fans know his name as the one player with more rings than fingers. 11 NBA titles for the Celtics legend, and thousands of tributes from the basketball world, especially on Twitter.

NB: it is possible that certain translations are not taken literally in French word for word, but that they are adapted in order to be more easily understood without modifying the meaning.

“RIP Bill Russell. You got me in this position today, and you didn’t just change this league, you changed the world.

” Thank you for everything. Rest in peace legend. »

“Rest in peace legend. »

“Rest in peace legend. Thanks for everything you’ve done. »

“Transformational, transcendent. Rest in peace Bill Russell. »

“I am honored to have been able to spend time with you. Thanks for everything you’ve done. »

“Thank you for being a pioneer. Thank you for setting the bar so high. Thank you for your wise words. Thank you for that smile that was yours. I can still go on like this for a long time. Today is a very sad day for the NBA family. You will miss us. »

“I will never forget that day, we were like children sitting around a campfire listening to your stories. »

“RIP the legend Bill Russell. »

“RIP Bill Russell, a true pioneer of the sport. Forever a legend for all of us. »

“Rest in peace, one of the best in history, a humanitarian, and a gracious human. My condolences and prayers to his family. »

“11 times NBA champion. Rest in peace. »

“RIP, thank you for leading the way…”

“A pure legend on and off the pitch. RIP Bill Russell. »

“I am heartbroken to learn of the passing of the most incredible winner basketball has ever seen. A legend, Hall of Famer, mentor and friend for over 30 years. »

“It was a real honor to spend time with Bill. He was a walking encyclopedia. I remember hearing him say “Basketball is my job, it doesn’t necessarily reflect who I am. “. His legend will never be forgotten. »

“12 times All-Star, 11 rings, 5 MVP titles, no 3-point line, no social media, just play and dominance in a league that was clearly not soft. Celtic to the core. »

“So sad to hear the news about Bill Russell today. He set the bar so high, on and off the pitch. RIP to an amazing winner and teammate, and an amazing person. »

“The definition of a champion, on and off the pitch. Thanks for everything Bill. »

“The bond between Tim Duncan and Bill was special. RIP to a true pioneer and champion on and off the pitch. »

“Legends are eternal. RIP Bill Russell, a true titan of the sport. »

“A legend in every sense of the word. »

“The winner, the teammate and the ultimate person. »

The Celtics’ legendary number 6 has marked all generations of the NBA, his work on and off the court is titanic, and the basketball world will not soon forget this face that embodies power and success. Bill Russell leaves, with thousands of well-deserved tributes, goodbye Lord of the Rings.

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