Top most badass buddy movies of all time

Top most badass buddy movies of all time

A look back at the five most badass buddy movies ever made, from “Lethal Weapon” to “The Nice Guys”.

the buddy movie, or “friends film”, is far from being a new genre, including in French cinema. Works like A monkey in winter Where The big mop can indeed be considered as the precursors of the buddy movie as we know it today.

Given that it was particularly difficult to choose the 5 best given the richness of the genre, it was necessary to refine the theme to build a top worthy of the name. Find out which are the 5 buddy movies most badass and enjoyable all the time.

1) The lethal Weapon -Richard Donner (1987) / The Last Samaritan -Tony Scott (1991)

Before the arrival of The lethal Weaponthere was the very nice 48 hours, released five years earlier, in 1982. The screenwriter Shane Black also took up certain codes from Walter Hill’s film in his script. He nevertheless added a darkness that allowed the buddy movie policeman to renew himself. Before the Richard Donner-directed franchise went comic, Martin Riggs was a totally out-of-control and terrifying suicidal widower to his new partner Roger Murtaugh.

The friendship between these two cult characters is perfectly brought by Richard Donner, especially in the way the father of the family subtly watches over his unpredictable colleague. Add to this a formidable bad guy embodied by Gary Busey, sequences of unbearable torture and a final face-off in which Riggs let all his rage speak, and you hold THE ultimate reference in terms of buddy movie. The influence of the duo formed by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is still perceptible today and their little brothers are numerousstarting with the famous Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett of bad boys.

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After signing the scripts for the first two opuses of The lethal WeaponShane Black got down to that of the Last Samaritan. As dark as the first episode of Richard Donner’s saga, Tony Scott’s film bears all the ill-being of the screenwriter, depressed at the time of writing it. Bruce Willis has rarely found such a successful loser role only in this movie.

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A pick-up detective, he teams up here with a completely outdated football player, played by Damon Wayans. While investigating two savage murders, including that of an already extremely convincing young Halle Berry, the duo will discover dark shenanigans in the world of sportsummed up perfectly in the memorable opening scene. flirting with the hard-boiled, The Last Samaritan was remembered less than The lethal Weapon but is equally essential to buddy movie.

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Bonuses: Less successful but just as enjoyable, Goodbye forever also benefits from a script by Shane Black, sold at a record price at the time. In this B series directed by Renny Harlin, Geena Davis goes in search of her killer past with the help of a detective played by Samuel L. Jackson.

2) Los Angeles Invasion – John Carpenter (1988)

If it is not really a buddy movie strictly speaking, Los Angeles Invasion is still carried by a memorable duo. In this film by the great John Carpenter, the late Roddy Piper plays John Nada, a drifter who lands in LA and starts working in construction. One day he discovers a strange traffic in sunglasses. Nada understands that they allow detect infiltrating aliens taking over society.

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John Carpenter is in top form with Invasion Los Angeles, masterpiece of science fiction that prefigures the era of the revival of the slogan ” Make America Great Again “. The director of The Thing denounces the power of the media and the consumer society with the ferocity that we know. Otherwise, Los Angeles Invasion reveals a particularly endearing duo of workers.

One of the most memorable scenes of the film remains the fight between the wrestler Roddy Piper and his sidekick camped by Keith David. Before the final last stand, the latter is not convinced by Hot Rod’s explanations about the extraterrestrials. ensues a very, very long fight in which Piper tries to force the glasses on David’s face. Just for this legendary and hilarious scene, Los Angeles Invasion deserves its place in this top.

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Bonuses: If you’re looking for two more characters who have a hard time agreeing before going after the bad guys, rush on Tango & Cashin which Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell tear each other apart with testosterone-dripping jokes.

Completely flushed, John McClane now lives in New York. After losing his job and his family, the most famous cop of the seventh art is requisitioned by an enigmatic terrorist answering to the name by Simon. Between the two men a Machiavellian game sets in and McClane quickly becomes his enemy’s puppet. The cop can nevertheless count on the help of Zeus Carvermanager of a Harlem store who found himself in spite of himself in this dark story.

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After Renny Harlin’s appearance on 58 minutes to live, John McTiernan brilliantly took over the franchise diehard with A Day in Hell. McT manages to impose with this feature film a new breath on the saga, which was unfortunately weighed down afterwards. In this episode, McClane has never been more at the bottom of the hole. And the support of Zeus is absolutely essential to him. After meeting in pulp Fiction and before confronting each other in UnbreakableBruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson reveal an alchemy rarely equaled in the genre. In front of them, Jeremy Irons sets traps for them and makes them run in the Big Apple with twisted puzzles, which hide a perfectly concealed plan and revenge.

A Day in Hell offers some of the most impressive action scenes ever filmed in New York. McTiernan’s management of space is impeccable and the director manages to make his viewer experience the grueling race against time of Zeus and McClane.

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Bonuses: Lovers of buddy movies can also fall back on Last Action Hero, the brilliant meta blockbuster from McT in which Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up, in one of his films, with a young amazed fan. Moreover, the screenwriter of this feature film is none other than Shane Black, who is definitely the king of buddy movie American.

If you had to keep only one buddy movie comical, it would be this one, despite strong competitors. First collaboration between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, Very Bad Cops brilliantly diverts the codes of the genre.

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The two nerdy but extremely surprising cops they play go wild in a winding plot that ultimately has no interest. While Will Ferrell excels in the role of a converted former mac, Mark Wahlberg reveals the full extent of his comic talent. Facing them, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson have a great time taking over the tough roles that have marked their careers, except that they are completely stupid here.

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Bonuses: Side comedies paying homage to the heroes badass of the kind, we also recommend Hot Fuzz, Les Flingeuses or 21 Jump Street and its sequel.

In 2016, Shane Black – him again – went back to basics with this nugget, which is only his third feature film as a director. Released in 2016, The Nice Guys gave us one of the finest film duos of recent years.

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On the one hand, Russell Crowe interprets the bully who proves useful when one does not manage to settle a dispute amicably. On the other, Ryan Gosling slips into the costume of a seedy detective who is constantly saved by his daughter, played by the brilliant Angourie Rice. Together, the two could only make splinters.

The viewer follows them through an incomprehensible plot in disco-era Los Angeles. Thanks to a script that ridicules the glamor of Hollywood in a hilarious way, and its golden duet, Shane Black proves with The Nice Guys that it is possible to reinvent a genre in which we are masters.

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Bonuses: If you love this movie, don’t miss kiss kiss bang bangthe first feature film directed by Shane Black which marked the beginning of the artistic resurrection of a certain Robert Downey Jr.

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