La superstar NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, James Harden, a fait l'objet d'une révélation inquiétante pour la concurrence en vue de la saison prochaine

Completely transformed, James Harden ignites the web!

After a disappointing recovery at the Sixers, James Harden has displayed a different mentality since the end of the season. Fitness, the team above all: the Barbu is ready to return to the top, all to try to win his first title. His latest training video is setting the world on fire.

The Sixers displayed their ambitions last year by bringing in James Harden to partner Joel Embiid. A pretty promising duo on paper, even if their first campaign ended in disappointment, with a loss against the Heat. It was not the plan of Daryl Morey, who tried to rectify the shooting this summer by going to seek PJ Tucker, as well as Danuel House a little later. Problem ? The NBA could punish.

James Harden fitter than ever

This will not change the objective in Philly, which remains to dominate the Eastern Conference, in order to taste the title. Embiid is more motivated than ever, while Harden has begun an impressive transformation since the beginning of the summer. Better diet, strenuous physical exercises, lower salary: the Bearded man has shown that he is ready to do what is necessary. His last video in training does not calm the spirits, far from it.

What stands out? Besides the Barbu’s ease on long baskets, his weight loss is truly impressive. Here’s hoping for the Sixers that he retains such a work ethic ahead of the restart, which will allow him to start the next campaign in the best possible way. With such a level, it is normal to dream of the title in Philly, especially if Joel Embiid avoids injuries.

A recent compilation concerning Harden was also released on social networks. We can see that the latter is very involved and multiplies the exercises, just to strengthen his entire body. This is the best news for the Sixers, with their star ready to fight:

More than ever, James Harden is investing this summer to return to his best physical shape. A beautiful mentality, which must delight the Sixers, determined to win a title in the years to come. If the Barbu and Joel Embiid are 100%, there is something to dream about.

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