NBA Dejounte Murray déchaîné en ProAm

Dejounte Murray is crazy in ProAm, he reacts cash!

Now a teammate of Trae Young at the Hawks, Dejounte Murray looks ready to go wild. While waiting to be able to do so in official competition, the leader is having a blast on the amateur circuit and has just released a terrible gesture in ProAm. He also sent a message in stride!

It’s a page that turned this summer for Dejounte Murray, who left the Spurs after being drafted there six years ago. Coming out of his best career season (21 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists and two steals on average), he has just been traded to Atlanta where he will begin the next chapter of his career. The prospect of evolving alongside players such as John Collins and especially Trae Young seems to enchant him, to the point where he allowed himself to destroy Gregg Popovich recently.

Anyway, the cohabitation with his new teammates seems to be going wonderfully for the moment, the three stars having fun together on the floors of the ProAm league of Jamal Crawford. For their first outing, they made an impression with a big threat to the league, but the former innkeeper of San Antonio decided to add a layer during the meeting which followed. Stuck (very) closely by his direct defender, Murray thus made the ball bounce violently… on the player in question, several times!

Murray releases a violent disrespect to his defender

A rebound on the back, then downright two on the head: the former Texan literally humiliated his opponent on this one. A gesture that would undoubtedly have earned him a technical foul in the NBA, but that street-ball fans will certainly welcome. Interestingly, Murray reacted to the sequence after the meeting, being aware that his gesture had been emulated. According to him, he would have simply made sure that his vis-à-vis respected the rules:

His head and his hands were far too close to my balls… Back off the hell!

Seen like that, it actually seems logical. The defender was it is true quite close to the private parts of the guard, which the latter did not appreciate at all, without much surprise. In any case, the latter seems to be overflowing with energy, which bodes well for the Hawks who are counting on him in 2022-23. Hopefully he’ll still have some to spend when fall rolls around.

Moral of the story, it’s best to avoid getting too close to Dejounte Murray’s genitals. Not sure he can refrain from reacting on the fly, even in official competition. This opposing player learned it the hard way.

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