Hamilton invests in Denver Broncos, NFL team

Hamilton invests in Denver Broncos, NFL team

Lewis Hamilton is diversifying his business and investing in the Denver Broncos NFL team, as the franchise was recently sold for a record $4.65 billion.

We remember that at the start of the year, Lewis Hamilton (and even Serena Williams) tried to invest and be involved in the takeover of the Chelsea club (British football club), with an initial commitment planned for up to of 12 million euros, but the consortium in which he was involved did not win the sale (the club will be sold for 5 billion dollars to a group led by Todd Boehly).

Hamilton invests in the Denver Broncos

Now, it’s across the Atlantic that Lewis Hamilton has decided to place some money with a transaction whose details have not been revealed, while the Denver Broncos franchise has been sold for a record amount of 4.65 billions of dollars. The Denver Broncos’ Walton-Penner ownership group now has Sir Lewis Hamilton as a shareholder, Rob Walton confirmed via the following statement:

“We are delighted to welcome seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to our ownership group. He is a champion competitor who knows what it takes to lead a winning team and a strong supporter of the sport. equal rights globally, including in one’s own sport.”

“With over 100 race wins, Lewis is considered the most successful F1 driver of all time. His courage, mentality and level of excellence will be an asset to the Broncos ownership group and organization .”

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2015 (and also in 1997 and 1998), a game Lewis Hamilton attended. The transfer of ownership to the Walton-Penner Group will be official next Tuesday in Minneapolis. Since signing a $4.65 billion purchase agreement, Lewis Hamilton, Condoleezza Rice and Mellody Hobson have been added as limited partners.

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