La star NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons, voit sa galère se poursuivre concernant son état de santé

Huge job change for Ben Simmons at the Nets?!

Mocked after a disastrous last playoff campaign with the Sixers, Ben Simmons is nonetheless an excellent playmaker, selected several times for the All-Star Game. But that period could be over, since the Nets are going to use him in a diametrically opposite role.

Since the 2021 playoff debacle, Ben Simmons is caricatured as being a rather mediocre basketball player… It must be said that in the series against the Hawks, which ended with a surprise elimination from his Sixers, the point guard was particularly in difficulty and exposed offensively. His incomprehensible pass, while under the basket and defended by Trae Young, will remain as the strong image characterizing the evils of Philadelphia.

And because he refused to play last season, before being confined to the infirmary by a strange back injury, it is the image that many fans keep in mind. However, before all these adventures, the Australian leader had established himself as a reference in his position, with several selections for the All-Star Game and a place in an All-NBA team in 2020… It must be recognized that his quality of passing is exceptional for a player of this size.

Ben Simmons New Nets Center?!

When he is at his best, when he is determined and driven by the desire to play, Ben Simons is clearly a monster in the transition game and in defense, which ultimately makes him a fairly modern point guard. However, if we are to believe the latest article by Dave McMenamin of ESPN, it is not in the lead that Steve Nash would intend to shine the latest rookie lighthouse of the Nets.

On paper, Dwight Howard would fit perfectly in Brooklyn, but the more likely scenario is that Ben Simmons will play the majority of his minutes on his new team at center.

When discussing the probable destinations for free agent Dwight Howard, the journalist fromESPN made a rather surprising revelation…

Ben Simmons, the All-Star point guard, should now evolve into a pivotal role, which will undoubtedly require a good period of adaptation. The cause for hope is that in addition to his physique suitable for battles in the racket, he has a passing quality at least as good as that of Nikola Jokic, who manages to organize the game of the Nuggets from the paint. Its beginnings already promise to be exciting!

Even in the racket, Ben Simmons will have the opportunity to influence the game of the Nets. Hopefully this new role will also mark the start of a happier chapter in his career. In any case, he will be keen to shine after such a hectic last few months.

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