NBA Jordan n'effrayait pas Magic et Bird

Jordan 3rd best all-time player?! A star rises!

Accustomed to the throne reserved for the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan is only very rarely dislodged. When this is the case, it is generally the 2nd place in the classification which is conferred on him. However, a famous journalist dared to place it… in 3rd place on his list, much to the surprise of a star!

Almost 20 years after his retirement from the courts, his place in the all-time hierarchy remains largely unchanged. Despite the emergence and the multiple exploits compiled since by LeBron James, Michael Jordan still monopolizes the label of best player in history in most rankings. Only a few exceptions appear here and there, sometimes incomprehensible.

Kuzma shocked by the controversial snob suffered by Jordan

For the past few days, Nick Wright has been revealing name by name his ranking of the 50 best players of the last 50 years in the NBA. The mere presence of Jordan in 3rd place had already shocked more than one recently. The journalist from FOX Sports did not change anything, however, and continued his process by revealing the identity of the second on this list… none other than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

Some will defend this choice, which can be justified by the greatest number of points scored by KAJ, or his records for coronations as MVP (6) and All-Star Game selections (19). Nevertheless, most of the fans expressed their disagreement, just like about the 1st place undoubtedly offered to LeBron James. Kyle Kuzma himself was incredulous at the order of this list, and especially at MJ’s position:

Must be the first time in human history that MJ is number 3 on a list lol

It is true that the legend of the Bulls is not used to having to look for his name so low in a ranking of this type. However, this is not surprising from a strong support of LeBron for years!

Mostly considered the GOAT, Michael Jordan this time had to settle for 3rd place on Nick Wright’s list. What provoke the amused reaction of Kyle Kuzma, which testifies well to the rarity of the phenomenon!

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