LeBron James, Curry, Durant… The big favorites for the MVP title

LeBron James, Curry, Durant… The big favorites for the MVP title

After Nikola Jokic’s double, who will win the MVP title? Several candidates stand out seriously. Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, the former NBA, see themselves reconnecting with success. But behind them, there are beautiful people with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joël Embiid and of course Nikola Jokic who will want to achieve the hat-trick. But the big favorite is Luka Doncic.

For two years, Nikola Jokic dominates the NBA. Even if the Denver Nuggets are still fair to worry the other franchises in the playoffs, jokic doesn’t need anyone to regale in the regular season. Even though Joel Embiid long thought he could take his title from him MVP, Nikola Jokic ended up achieving the double. A controversial feat since many observers gave their preference to Joel Embiid. Will this year be the right one for the pivot of Sixers ? Given the competition, it’s not won…

Kevin Durant to respond to criticism

Kevin Durant will be a serious contender. In his career, K.D. only won the title once MVPit was in 2014 with the Thunder. Years have passed, the franchises too, but Kevin Durant is still the exceptional player he was already 8 years ago. With uncertainty over his future, the two-time champion NBA will want, whatever the case, to mark the occasion. If he leaves, K.D. will want to hit hard from the start. If it remains net, During will want to redeem himself.

LeBron James, return of the boss

How to talk about the trophy of MVP without…

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