La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, pourrait bien voir son dossier connaitre un gros rebondissement cette saison

More fit than ever, Kawhi Leonard impresses with his physique!

Absent last year after a long injury, Kawhi Leonard was sorely missed by the Clippers. Fortunately, the star should make his return for the next school year, and to the delight of supporters. Even better ? He appears to be in better physical shape, at least according to his latest training video for his team.

The Clippers have disappointed in recent seasons, with sometimes tasteless performances, as well as quite a few injuries. Kawhi Leonard was seriously injured more than a year ago, while Paul George also had his share of physical glitches. It’s not joy in Los Angeles, especially since Tyronn Lue’s men are aiming for the title, and nothing else. But fortunately, there is better before the resumption of the month of October.

PG13 is back at 100%, ready to fight, although the most important thing for him will be to maintain this state of health. The best news is still the return to form of Kawhi Leonard, whose latest news is excellent. We can be quite confident in the Clippers, who finally dream of competing for the title, and without problems on the side of the infirmary for once.

Physical change for Kawhi Leonard?

It is largely possible, while the supporters have hope. This is even more the case after the last video of Leonard in training, he who seems to have taken advantage of his time away from the courts to gain some muscle.

No confirmation, but KL2 looks bigger in this video, which bodes well for the Clippers. Note especially his change in behavior as soon as he sees a camera, proof that the former Spurs player still has his own attitude. Not enough to disturb the supporters, who are especially delighted to see that the star is in good shape, and not just a little.

Is it me or does he look pretty tough? 👀

Has he gained a little more weight?

More weight? More muscle? Anyway, Kawhi Leonard looks slightly different in this recent training video. We imagine that the person concerned will do what is necessary to be 100% at the start of the school year, he who is not known to take his physical form lightly. Good for his team.

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