NFL |  Dolphins owner suspended for raiding

NFL | Dolphins owner suspended for raiding

The NFL has suspended Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and fined him $1.5 million for raiding Tom Brady and Sean Payton.

Posted at 1:05 p.m.

Rob Maaddi
Associated Press

The sanction was announced following a six-month investigation that stemmed from a lawsuit brought by coach Brian Flores against the Tour for racial discrimination.

The league concluded the Dolphins did not intentionally lose games during the 2019 season, but found that they had interdicted trades with Brady and his agent, Don Yee, among other things. The NFL announced the findings of its investigation on Tuesday.

The Dolphins also lost their 2023 first-round pick and 2024 third-round pick.

Ross is suspended until October 17. He may not visit team facilities or represent the team at any team or league activities. He is also banned from all NFL meetings until the 2023 annual assembly and is removed from all circuit committees until further notice.

Dolphins vice-president and minority partner Bruce Beal has been fined $500,000 and will be barred from NFL meetings until the end of the year.

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