The Dolphins severely punished by the NFL

The Dolphins severely punished by the NFL

The NFL has cracked down on the Miami Dolphins, who held unauthorized talks with quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Sean Payton while the latter had contracts with other organizations.

In a statement sharing the results of an independent investigation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday that the Dolphins will lose their 2023 first-round selection and 2024 third-round selection because they “violated the policies integrity of sport”.

Owner Stephen Ross has also been suspended until October 17 and fined $1.5 million.

The league blames the Dolphins for holding secret talks with Brady from 2019 to 2021 with the goal of making him a minority shareholder in the club. However, Brady was under contract with the New England Patriots or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Florida club had not asked permission from the two teams.

Discussions with Payton’s agent also took place in 2022 while he was head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Payton eventually tendered his resignation, but the Dolphins continued their courtship efforts regardless, even though the Saints denied them that right.

An exemplary sentence

Goodell now hopes these penalties will be enough to convince any team not to take such actions.

“Investigators have uncovered violations of unprecedented scale and severity,” Goodell said in the same statement. I know of no previous example of a team breaching the ban on discussing with both a head coach and a star player, to the potential detriment of other clubs, over a period of years.

As for certain accusations of voluntary defeats in order to be better classified for the repechage in 2019, they have proven to be unfounded.

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