La réponse de la proprio des Lakers sur Westbrook qui en dit long !

Westbrook badly humiliated because of the big boss of the Lakers!

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Russell Westbrook is the subject of many conversations in Los Angeles, where fans dream of seeing him go to the Nets against Kyrie Irving. They do not hesitate to heckle him on social networks, the proof following the last tweet from the boss of the Lakers Jeanie Buss.

Russell Westbrook is at an impasse… On the one hand he must want to impose himself in his favorite franchise, that of his hometown, the Lakers, on the other he must be aware that he will never really be accepted by the fans, who blame him for a good part of the team’s ills since his arrival. Yes, he was not necessarily at the expected level, but his record should be enough to give him a second chance.

Unfortunately for him, it’s hard for fans and watchers to overlook his nearly $50 million contract, especially at a time when rumor Kyrie Irving feeds everyone’s fantasies. Moreover, Internet users take advantage of the slightest opportunity to send him small tackles and perhaps make him want to pack his bags, the proof continued. to boss Jeanie Buss’ latest tweet.

Jeanie Buss hacked, Russell Westbrook mocked

🚨 Big announcement 🚨 Hello Twitter family, I have 3 PS5s for sale! Message me to buy! All proceeds will go directly to charity and those who purchase will have the chance to attend a Lakers game.

There is a strong probability that Jeanie Buss has been hacked and that a malicious person is hiding behind this unexpected sale of PS5… But on social networks, it is the first degree that has prevailed, not necessarily reflection, and Internet users have sought the reasons that could explain this new business launched by the big boss of the franchise. Everyone had only one name in mind: the poor Russell Westbrook.

The Lakers will pay Westbrook 50 million so the owner starts selling her PS5 😭

When you have to pay Russell Westbrook 50 million, you start selling PS5s as an alternative business 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

No offense to the fans, Russell Westbrook is still the leader holder of the Lakers and he should still form a trio with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. With that in mind, fans would do well to give him the confidence to perform on the pitch.

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