La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, s'est agacée au sujet du prétendu rival de Stephen Curry qui serait capable de l'éteindre sur le terrain

Big decision regarding a starter for the Warriors!

The season hasn’t started yet, but the Warriors have already made some tough decisions about their roster. Steve Kerr does not intend to wait for training camp to make a choice, he who has revealed the name of a next starter. Logical, even if there will perhaps be a little disappointment for the competition.

Defending champions, the Warriors will still play at the top of the Western Conference next year, despite an ever-complex financial situation. Some executives on the roster will leave one day or another, but in the meantime, we can be sure that Golden State will do what is necessary to defend their crown. Steve Kerr will have to make choices, including the pivot position.

The Warriors are already deciding on their pivot!

Kevon Looney has extended his lease with the Dubs, he who had performed well in the last playoffs. And as we know, the absent are always wrong. James Wiseman, second draft pick, pays him cash. He hasn’t played for a long time, but should be on the court in October, in a role… as a substitute, yes. Kerr shared the news with The Athletic.

Looney will return as the team’s starter, that’s for sure. He deserved to have this status, and we are delighted to have him back in this squad. We were really afraid of losing him in this free agency. Finding him is great news for this team. It will allow Loon to continue what he has done for us in the past. It’s ideal, because he will be a very good mentor for James (Wiseman).

Wiseman, who has had to deal with injuries for some time, will therefore not be a starter. Not right away anyway. A strong choice for Kerr, who probably does not want to put additional pressure on the young player:

It has to be a natural progression for James, which didn’t really happen in his rookie season because of his situation. It should generate as much experience as possible. Looney has long remained the beacon kingpin, the starter who has seen it all in the past. James will be able to learn from him, and he will obviously have his chance. We hope that it progresses serenely.

For now, no James Wiseman starter. Steve Kerr is betting on stability with Kevon Looney, who had good performances in the playoffs. Difficult to blame the coach, especially given the injuries of his young player. Nevertheless, Wiseman will be keen to progress, and to recover this starting place in the future.

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