Deshaun Watson: NFL appeals 6-game suspension!

Deshaun Watson: NFL appeals 6-game suspension!

The NFL has decided to appeal the decision to suspend Deshaun Watson for the first six games of the season. The league would like to see the penalty increase.

The soap opera around Deshaun Watson’s sanction is not over. Monday, the Browns quarterback was served a six-game suspension, a decision handed down by Sue Robinson, a former federal judge appointed as mediator by the NFL and the players’ union. The latter subsequently indicated that he would not appeal this decision.

Except that the NFL is not satisfied with this sanction, which had tried to impose a heavier penalty on the player before the intervention of the mediator.

According to NFL Media, the league has therefore decided to appeal Judge Robinson’s decision. A call which shows that the league wants a greater sanction against Deshaun Watson.

The final decision is now in the hands of the NFL. The players’ union officially has two days to react to this call. A written memo from Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, or one of his designees, will serve as the final document rendering the decision on Deshaun Watson’s sanction. According to the procedure, the decision must be based on the facts and testimonies collected by the mediator during her procedure.

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