La légende NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, aurait aimé prendre sa retraite dans une autre équipe

“If he was 2 meters, it would be the reflection of Kobe Bryant”

Like the greatest players in history, Kobe Bryant has often been the subject of comparisons with some of his successors on the NBA floors. A Lakers assistant coach has also delivered a new one, this time involving a league superstar.

Today very close to LeBron James, with whom he is preparing to continue the collaboration, Phil Handy has also been with Kobe Bryant. Before returning to the Lakers in recent years, the assistant coach did a freelance there between 2011 and 2013, during which he obviously attended the Black Mamba. The opportunity for him to create strong links with the legend, and to observe it closely.

Kyrie Irving, worthy heir to Kobe Bryant?

In two seasons spent in the coaching staff of Purple & Gold, Handy was able to fully understand the profile of Kobe, as well as the characteristics of his game. Characteristics that he would find today in an NBA player, and not the least. Interviewed by Nick Jungfer from Basketball Foreverthe assistant coach has indeed brought Vino closer to Kyrie Irvingwhich would be its exact reproduction… except for one detail!

If Kyrie was 2 meters, you would see the reflection of Kobe in front of you.

A statement that is surprising, as the outfits of the two men seem to present differences. Although Kyrie often had the privilege of training with Kobe Bryant during his younger years, his tendency to penetrate to the circle thanks to his handle does not necessarily end up in the angelino icon’s arsenal. Similarly, the game at the post of the latter is only very rarely used by Uncle Drew.

But after all, Phil Handy remains the best placed to split such an opinion, he who has rubbed shoulders with Irving again in recent days during his training camp:

According to Phil Handy, Kyrie Irving would only miss a few centimeters to look like two drops of water to Kobe Bryant. Given the affection that the Mamba had for his disciple, this statement would certainly not have displeased him!

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