LeBron, Bryce et Bronny débarquent chez les Lakers et font le buzz !

LeBron, Bryce and Bronny arrive at the Lakers and make the buzz!

With the season resuming in less than two months, you won’t be surprised to learn that LeBron James is already hard at work. The star chains the baskets in the enclosure of the Lakers, but he is not alone. His sons, Bryce and Bronny, were with him on Tuesday. A good day at work we imagine for the King.

Work has long resumed for LeBron James, who is preparing for the new season with his Lakers. He appeared earlier this month at the Drew League side, where he was able to display his good form. This bodes well for the Angelinos, although fans know that their season will depend on other factors, such as whether or not a certain Anthony Davis wakes up. In the meantime, the King has not planned to be unemployed, even if he is not alone.

The James family is a hit with the Lakers

Back in the enclosure of the Lakers, James chained the baskets on Tuesday. The month of August is here, while the training camp will begin in September, to the delight of the supporters. However, LBJ is not alone on the court. By his side ? His sons yes, Bryce and Bronny, who also play the game, like NBA players. We imagine it’s a good time for LeBron.

Bryce impressed recently thanks to his physiquejust like Bronny, who hopes to land in the NBA for 2024. It’s up to them to continue the work, which pleases some fans, who took the opportunity to tackle… Davis.

Bronny and Bryce are spending more time training on the Lakers grounds than AD this offseason.

The James family reunited at the Lakers? That’s what makes you smile. They are obviously not there to have fun, but we imagine that LeBron appreciates such moments, especially before a new season which promises to be very full-bodied with his Angelinos. It promises for the future.

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