NBA La demande de Magic pour Bill Russell

Shaken by the death of Bill Russell, the huge demand for Magic Johnson!

The passing of Bill Russell still has a profound impact on the league, especially for active and retired players. Magic Johnson notably issued a big request recently, in order to honor the big man with 11 rings. To everyone’s surprise, the fans flatly refused the proposal.

Like Kobe Bryant, we would never have believed that Bill Russell could no longer be with us, as he was considered one of the gods of the orange ball. Sadly, the former Celtics center was still a human being, and he tragically passed away a few days ago. The NBA lost one of the most important members of its history there, both for his performance on the court and for his unparalleled socio-political commitment.

Without the slightest surprise, the tributes multiplied at the speed of light across the big league, with everyone wishing to honor Wilt Chamberlain’s great rival. Magic Johnson, however, wants to go further than just messages, as he recently said on Twitter. According to the Hall of Famer, Russell’s No. 6 should simply be retired across the entire league, in order to immortalize him forever. A rather crazy request from a Laker, with regard to a glory of the Celtics:

Magic wants to retire No. 6 Russell in the entire NBA

Adam Silver should retire Bill Russell’s No. 6 throughout the NBA, in honor of Bill Russell’s legacy!

It would be the first time that such a decision would be made on such a scale. Miami had indeed retired Michael Jordan’s No. 23 when he retired in 2003, but this time it would be the whole NBA that would be affected. Interestingly, Magic’s proposal was met with general reluctance from supporters, who strongly disagree. The arguments against are multiple, the fans believing that we should have already done it with other athletes for it to be validated, or that the n°6 also belongs to legends of the game other than the man with 11 champion rings:

We should have done the same for Kobe, right?

Sorry, but he’s not the best No. 6 ever

Magic Johnson would like Bill Russell’s No. 6 removed forever, but it’s hard to believe that will happen. Remember, however, that the greatest winner in the history of American sport gave his name to the Finals MVP trophy. A choice for the less appropriate on the part of the NBA.

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