NBA Les Warriors de Curry et Durant

Steph Curry badly humiliated by a good friend of Kevin Durant!

Stephen Curry may be a quadruple champion, but he still has to suffer some big disrespect. A relative of Kevin Durant notably cut him up in a scandalous way recently… To say such a thing about the Chef is delirium.

Crowned with his fourth championship title and his first Finals MVP, it is impossible to say that Stephen Curry does not make the very best players in the league today. However, that does not prevent some like Mike James from considering him inferior to a lot of his peers. The great friend of Kevin Durantwith whom he played at the Nets, has indeed drawn up his Top 5 of the best basketball players currently in the NBA… and to everyone’s surprise, he allowed himself to snub Baby Face:

I have Kev, Bron, Embiid, Giannis… After that it gets difficult between Luka DoncicSteph, Jokic…I’m going to say Luka, I feel like Steph is just a bit below.

El Matador may have been phenomenal once again in 2021-22, but James retaining him instead of the Chef is still quite surprising. Except that the interested party did not stop there concerning the franchise player of Golden State, adding fuel to the fire with a statement that was incendiary to say the least:

Steph Curry “one-dimensional” according to Mike James

Steph, like the way he plays and how he gets things that bother me, it’s just kind of one-dimensional at times if that can make sense. He’s not often the main passer and for a playmaker, that bothers me. But he scores after the dribble and he’s a superstar. When we choose our top 5, we only nitpick.

So this one is still pretty amazing. It’s a fact, Curry deals more with scoring than distribution, this role being reserved for Draymond Green. But if this is so, it’s also because the Warriors can then get the most out of the qualities of their stars, and the No. 30 is after all the best all-time shooter. Unsurprisingly, Bay fans were outraged by this statement, not hesitating to shoot the AS Monaco player in response:

This guy looks like the Walmart version of Steph

Mike James will attract the wrath of the entire San Francisco area, with these devastating remarks on Stephen Curry. We would like to know what Kevin Durant thinks, he who rubbed shoulders with the two men very closely. Business to follow?

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