La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait des raisons de quitter la franchise

The strong decision of the Lakers on the market!

5 players, this is the record of the Lakers’ recruitment so far. The franchise is still looking for a way to improve before the resumption, but we have to believe that Rob Pelinka has already ruled out new free agents. The front office has made an important choice for the next few weeks, even if the outcome seems very undecided.

The reconstruction mission has already started again for the Lakers, who absolutely must catch up after a failed 2021/22 exercise in style. LeBron James intends to give the maximum, even at 38 years old at the time of the next playoffs, while Anthony Davis will undoubtedly be the key to success. A bad season from within, and fans know in advance to expect the worst in the City of Angels.

Russell Westbrook? He does not know yet if he will be present. A trade remains an option for the leader, especially as Darvin Ham pushes to keep it. The latter wishes to give him another chance, but he will be able to impose heavy penalties. Only hope among the supporters? New arrivals, that of Kyrie Irving perhaps, regularly cited to find the floors with LeBron.

The Lakers decide on free agents!

For the Angelinos, this is a priority. The leader’s file is very important for Pelinka, even if it will be necessary to wait to know the outcome, the fault of Kevin Durant. As long as the winger is not exchanged, Uncle Drew will remain at the dock, in the absence of a possible agreement. What is certain according to Jovan Buha, of The Athletic, is that if the file fails, the Purple and Gold will find another target, always via an exchange.

I think the Lakers are done with free agents. They preferred to lower their course and keep a place in their roster. If they make a trade, they can still get one more player back, so they need some flexibility. They could also sign a player on the free agent market, but only in the middle of the season, as with Markieff Morris in 2020, or Andre Drummond last year.

A free place, that’s all, in the hope of recovering two players in trade. A real possibility if a deal sees the light of day with the Pacers, but nothing is done:

The ideal move for the Lakers would be to trade Westbrook, either for Kyrie Irving or Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. Other than that, I don’t think it’s very interesting for the Lakers. Taking Hield or Eric Gordon in exchange for Westbrook could improve this roster, but it wouldn’t change much either, in my opinion.

Whatever happens, the Lakers don’t look too much on the free agent side anymore. The franchise is keeping its options open for a trade, with hopes of getting Kyrie Irving back before the resumption. But for the moment, we can say that things are off to a bad start.

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