Steph Curry abattu sur le banc des Warriors

Top 10 league leaders revealed, Stephen Curry snubbed!

Stephen Curry is clearly one of the best point guards in the league, even though he is already 33 years old. However, some do not see him as the best in his position, the leader of the Warriors finding himself behind in a Top 10 which was recently revealed. The fans did not appreciate!

Point guard is perhaps the deepest position in the league today, with many holding superstar status. Stephen Curry is a natural part of that, especially after finally winning Finals MVP this year. But obviously, this is not enough for the site Hoopshype to rank him number one in his ranking of the best leaders. That honor is reserved instead for his opponent in the conference finals, Luka Doncic :

Steph Curry behind Luka Doncic, fans furious

There’s no doubt El Matador has been monstrous in 2021-22, averaging over 28 points, 9 rebounds and almost 9 assists. Above all, he finally passed a round of playoffs and this with style. Seeing him very high is therefore not a surprise, but behind the quadruple champion? This surprised more than one among Internet users, especially fans of the Chef. The latter logically did not appreciate this revelation at all, and the reactions were therefore particularly scathing:

Steph is the only guy who can dominate the Finals and still not be #1 in his position or top 5 in the league. It’s alright, just keep adding fuel to the fire

Surprise Surprise. The Finals MVP knocked out all the supposed top players and won the title. And yet people think Luka is better than Steph 😭

The reigning Finals champion and MVP is not the best point guard in the league… yeah ok lol

Luka Doncic will certainly be the best point guard in the league one day, but in the meantime, Stephen Curry remains the boss all the same. Seeing him second in this job classification therefore seems very surprising, to the chagrin of the Chef’s fans.

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