Massive blow in the middle of summer for Kendrick Nunn!

Massive blow in the middle of summer for Kendrick Nunn!

The Lakers have the ambition to hit hard next year, but the franchise will have to rely on its best elements for that, including some rookies. Kendrick Nunn can be considered a newcomer, he who had a white season last year. Nevertheless, the latest news is not really reassuring.

For this new season, the Lakers are one of the teams that will play big. No room for error after a completely failed season, especially as the supporters expect even more during this offseason. There were 5 rookies, but only players for the bench, not a star like Kyrie Irving. Rob Pelinka is unable to conclude a major exchange for this roster, the fault of limited means.

In any case, the Angelinos are confident with their current roster, convinced that Darvin Ham will be better at exploiting it than Frank Vogel. The coach can count on an X factor: Kendrick Nunn, who had made the Heat happy. Problem ? A big knee injury, and now the point guard had a white season for his first with the Lakers. The interested party necessarily wants to show what he is capable of.

Possible relapse for Kendrick Nunn?

Good news ? Interested in training with a few teammates. The bad ? He still hasn’t started 5v5.

Nunn recently revealed that he feels 100% with SportsNet. He was able to train with Austin Reaves, Stanley Johnson or Wenyen Gabriel this Monday during their workout. But he hasn’t been able to start 5v5 yet, which is the next big step. He should be able to be ready for the start of training camp in September, but a recovery isn’t always linear.

Via this last sentence, we understand that Nunn is not guaranteed to be present at training camp. The latter will start towards the end of September, which is therefore quite worrying for the Angelinos. They are counting on the former Heat player, especially when we see the state of the game currently. Fans are hoping to get some good news by the time the game resumes.

Are you serious?

Kendrick Nunn, absent for a year, has still not resumed the 5vs5. What to ask questions about the exact nature of his injury, which worries more and more. We have to believe that Darvin Ham must prepare for a future without Nunn, just in case.

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