One out of two Algerian Internet users follows an influencer

One out of two Algerian Internet users follows an influencer

The communication agency Amachal has just published the results of the “Algeria Digital Trends” study, which examines the use of the Internet by Algerians. A study that lasted more than two months, starting with the collection of data on a sample of 11,000 people, aged 13 and over, spread throughout the national territory. During an exclusive digital event (webinar), the results of this study were presented to professionals and social media addicts, revealing many surprises.

The phenomenon of influencers and influence marketing have grown enormously in recent years in Algeria. These people create regular and themed content, and are closely followed by important audiences.

The study highlights the growing presence of influencers and their impact on Internet users: one out of two Algerian Internet users follows an influencer, particularly on YouTube in first position (61%), Facebook (59%), Instagram (37%), TikTok (6%) and finally Snapchat (3%).
The “followers” are inspired by these characters, who share their daily lives, ranging from recipes to tips, make-up, travel…
51% of people say they follow influencers to discover new things. 44% follow them to learn, 25% for entertainment and 18% out of curiosity.

Mobile users at the forefront
With the revolution in the world of telecommunications in Algeria: installation of 3G, 4G networks but also the attractive offers offered by the various mobile operators, Internet access via handsets has become more attractive. Consumers are looking for high-performance smartphone models such as Samsung (38%), Apple (34%), but also Huawei, Oppo, Xiomi, etc. As well as internet packages at the lowest cost, to facilitate customer use. .
The average expenditure related to the Internet varies between 500 and 1000 DA, out of 39% of the people questioned, followed by the category of small grants, spending less than 500 DA, representing 27% of the people questioned.

The awakening of e-commerce in Algeria
E-commerce in Algeria is gaining more and more followers. Nearly half of the people who took part in the survey revealed that they had made a purchase online, on all platforms and means combined. Via the Facebook Marketplace (30%), which currently remains unbeatable followed by purchases on e-commerce sites (29%)
Most consumers (41%) first buy all types of everyday goods (clothing, accessories, supplies, home decor, etc.), on the 2nd place of the podium, we find mobile top-ups and the payment of internet bills .

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