NBA Shareef O'Neal répond à Robert Horry

Ruined by a legend, Shareef O’Neal answers him cash!

Shareef O’Neal is still struggling to convince some NBA observers, given his struggles since turning pro. A former teammate of his father also burned it recently, to which the son of Shaq responded with great class. We validate!

Not drafted last June, cut by the Lakers after a rather disappointing Summer League: we cannot say that Shareef O’Neal’s debut is very promising. Result, the pivot will first go through the lower level to develop, having signed a big contract with Team Ignite in the G-League. Enough to allow him to progress quietly while waiting to be ready, but the current trend has reason to worry a lot of people.

After all, we are talking about the son of Shaquille O’Neal and just for that, some former players in particular have high expectations of him. Except that they are not justified for the moment, and a legend having rubbed shoulders with the Big Diesel demolished it for that not long ago. Unsurprisingly, the statement, to say the least rowdy, did not escape the rookie, who immediately responded to it on Twitter. All with a lot of class and seriousness:

Shareef O’Neal responds with class to Robert Horry

I know it’s said out of love and not out of disrespect, I understand you Big Shot! But you know who raised me, I’m not giving up. I was always taught to fight for what I wanted and get it on my own. I made the right decision… as I said, I understood you! You will see

In any case, the young big man already has a perfect command of communication within the league. Polite, without the fuss: he didn’t want to get into an endless clash, an excellent idea.

It must be said that although his NBA career starts strewn with pitfalls, he is still only at the very beginning of his career. With a bit of luck, he will therefore be able to get back in the saddle and integrate himself durably into a franchise, thanks to his hard work. On the side of the fans, it is in all that we wish him, the temperament of the guy pleasing to many people. Some even took it upon themselves to defend him against Big Shot Rob:

Some of these veterans really had better shut up and mind their own business.

Shareef O’Neal does not let himself be disturbed more than that by the sensational words of Robert Horry, and prefers to concentrate on what awaits him on the floors. Probably the best approach the Shaq’s son can take, yet.

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