La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, ici sous les couleurs de Team USA lors des Jeux olympiques 1992

“Team USA 2012 would have beaten Jordan’s Dream Team”

In the minds of many basketball fans, no team will be as dominant and strong as the 1992 Dream Team. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Charles Barkley… only big names! But for an Olympic champion, this workforce is worthless against the team of 2012.

In the minds of many basketball fans and many observers, no team is more legendary than the legendary Dream Team of the 1992 Olympic Games. It must be said that the Hall of Famers were numerous there, and the level displayed on the terrain was simply mind-blowing. Stacking so many great players, so many oversized egos could have been harmful, but the team clinched the gold medal without taking a single downtime…

Whether Michael Jordan was obviously the most anticipated player at Team USA, the one who moved the crowds, he was also seriously supported by Magic Johnson, best point guard of all time (even if Stephen Curry has his say with his last title) , but also by a Charles Barkley at the top of his game and absolutely unplayable on a physical level.

For Iguodala, Team USA 2012 dominates the Dream Team

However, according to Andre Iguodala, the Dream Team is not necessarily the best assembled team in the history of this sport, since it is not even the best Team USA. In his podcast, the multiple NBA champion explained why he preferred the 2012 team to the 1992 team. He was obviously part of it, which must have played on his decision:

I’m not going to blame you (speaking to Evan Turner, the co-host, editor’s note) for choosing the 1996 Bulls over the 2017 Warriors, since I too, as soon as a team with Michael Jordan in the effective, I have to choose it. Unless we’re talking about Team USA 2012 versus 1992. I don’t choose the Dream Team in this case.

If the 1992 team relied on Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and a late Larry Bird, as well as legends like John Stockton and Charles Barkley, the 2012 team relied on LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and a player like Carmelo Anthony, who has never been stronger than in the FIBA ​​context. Difficult to detach a favorite, the match would have been tight between these exceptional squads. For fun, a little memory of the demonstration against Nigeria:

As often in the debates between teams of different generations, it is almost impossible to make a choice. Team USA 2012 had obvious qualities that the Dream Team lacked, and vice versa.

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