Kevin Durant sort du silence dans le feuilleton Kyrie Irving !

The betrayal of the Nets which blocks the trades of Kyrie and KD!

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving expressed their desire to leave several weeks ago, but negotiations have stalled on both issues. The reason ? The leaders of the Nets would not respect a major rule in the negotiations!

At the beginning of August, the destinies of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seem to be written on the side of Brooklyn, which was not necessarily won a few weeks ago. Indeed, after the humiliating elimination in the playoffs against Boston, after the failed negotiations for a long-term extension of the leader, the two All-Stars made it known that they wanted to leave the ship before the sinking.

KD, who remains one of the best players in the world, if not the best, would have seen himself in Phoenix with Devin Booker and Chris Paul, in order to help them win a first ring… Unfortunately for both camps, the extension of Deandre Ayton to the max put an end to all these rumors. On the Kyrie side, all the signals seemed to point to the Lakers, but there too everything is at a standstill.

The Nets too talkative in the negotiations?

But how to explain this? How can the apathy of certain franchises be justified when such talented players are available? According to the information revealed by the site, everything would be the fault of the Nets, in particular because of a betrayal and a non-respect of certain unspoken rules in the negotiations. Sean Marks and his teams would have the diaper too hanged:

There are several teams that are upset due to the fact that after every discussion with the Nets, information was coming out in the media. It does not help to negotiate and make agreements. At least two teams have come back up after seeing rumors circulating about possible talks. It’s not a good way to do business in the NBA.

According to this site journalist, several franchises would be angry against Sean Marks and the Nets, since the discussions started around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving never remain confidential. Leaders who wish to remain discreet, to negotiate without necessarily seeing their name or the proposed packages displayed in the media, therefore withdraw from the files.

If that anger is understandable, so is the Nets’ approach. Indeed, by leaking certain information and certain packages, the leaders hope to raise the stakes and receive even more attractive offers. Unfortunately for them, this attempt has so far not borne fruit.

The Nets method of negotiating its players does not work, quite the contrary. Interested franchises feel betrayed by the many rumors that come out in the media after the slightest discussion…

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