La jeune star NBA des Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards, a livré des propos qui ne sont pas passés inaperçus au sujet de Rudy Gobert

After their beef, the big statement from Anthony Edwards on Rudy Gobert!

Minnesota Timberwolves young NBA star Anthony Edwards made remarks that didn't go unnoticed about Rudy Gobert

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Criticism a few months ago towards Rudy Gobert, Anthony Edwards will now have to learn to evolve alongside him in the coming months. Before that, the young Wolves star made comments that did not go unnoticed about the Frenchman!

Player of one and the same team since his arrival in the United States, he will for the first time in his NBA career discover a new environment. Transferred by the Jazz to the Timberwolves at the beginning of the summer, Rudy Gobert will nurture ambitions just as high there as in his former franchise. Perhaps even more important given the big players he is about to find in Minnesota.

First of all, the Stifle Tower will have the mission of cohabiting with Karl-Anthony Towns in the racket. A duo of giants as intriguing as they are promising, and which already seems to make the Dominican interior salivate. At the same time, his French counterpart will also seek to integrate as well as possible into the workforce, and to get everyone to agree on his level. Starting with his most skeptical teammates.

Edwards’ rave reviews for Rudy Gobert

As a three-time All-Star and three-time Defenseman of the Year, Gobert won’t have much trouble gaining respect in Minneapolis. For KAT, he even allows Wolves to change dimensions thanks to his arrival. A point of view recently shared by Anthony Edwards in the columns of Complexhe who nevertheless showed himself much less rave about Rudy in the past :

Anthony Edwards on the question whether not winning the title next season would be a failure for the Timberwolves: “It’s clear. Recruiting Rudy adds pressure to us. I agree with that. »

With these words, Ant’ indirectly recognizes the talent of Gobert, which would thus confer on Wolves a status of contender for the title next year.

It would therefore seem that Edwards has changed his tune regarding the international tricolor, which had already been read in his reaction to his arrival. Good news for Gobzilla, who should therefore be able to evolve without worries alongside the young star winger, and approach the season without having to worry about this point. Their coach, Chris Frinch, shouldn’t complain either!

A time taken in dislike by Anthony Edwards, Rudy Gobert would finally no longer be in the sights of Wolves talent. On the contrary, the latter is delighted with his arrival, which according to him makes Minnesota a new cador in the West!

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