Ibiza: a feel good movie that smells like holidays for spectators - Actus Ciné

Ibiza: a feel good movie that smells like holidays for spectators – Actus Ciné

Available since May 25 on Netflix, Ibiza follows the trip to Spain of three girlfriends who are determined to party. The spectators were not disappointed and followed the adventures of this group of friends, each as cheeky as the next.

After four years of hard work in her PR firm, Harper (Gillian Jacobs) is finally offered an exciting business trip by her deranged boss. With such an opportunity, it’s impossible for her best friends Nikki (Vanessa Bayer) and Leah (Phoebe Robinson) to miss out on a crazy weekend in Barcelona.

After the serious appointments of the stay, the three friends scour the clubs and set the dancefloors on fire until Harper catches the eye of Leo (Richard Madden), a famous DJ. After an undeniable love at first sight and a missed date, the three friends decide to fly to Ibiza where Leo has to perform a show in a nightclub.

For once, Harper listens to her heart and enjoys her weekend with the young man even if it jeopardizes her job and the demands of her boss. And what happens in Ibiza does not necessarily stay in Ibiza… Released on Netflix on May 25, Ibiza is a romantic comedy that will appeal to the greatest number of people and fans of the extravagant parties that can be found in the Iberian Peninsula. And that gives a taste of summer vacation.

Ibiza has managed to convince Internet users thanks to its crazy atmosphere and positive energy.

Translation: To all of you, Ibiza on Netflix is ​​damn delicious.

Translation: Ibiza on Netflix is ​​funny and romantic. Look at the. Thank me later.

Spectators also praise the festive and eclectic soundtrack.

Internet users were tempted by the film for the delirious female cast, including Gillian Jacobs, well known to series fans since she played in Community and Love, and the queen of stand-up Phoebe Robinson.

Translation: My favorite daughter Gillian Jacobs is in a new movie on Netflix. I am very very excited.

Translation: I’m watching Ibiza on Netflix and Phoebe Robinson is in it!! It’s a good start.

One of the film’s charming assets is none other than Richard Madden who plays a DJ, whom some have recognized as one of the illustrious members of the Stark family in Game of Thrones (or not).

Translation: Richard Madden is a very very sexy DJ. Thanks Netflix.

Translation: I watched the movie Ibiza on Netflix last night, a handsome Scottish actor was playing DJ Leo West. I had to google him and now I feel like crap not knowing he’s also the actor who played Rob Stark in Game of Thrones…

Some have not forgotten that Gillian Jacobs is also Mickey, the heroine of the Netflix series Love, which she shares with Paul Rust (Gus).

Translation: I’m watching Ibiza on Netflix and all I can think of is, where is Gus? Love?

Some Internet users even ask for a sequel to the film written by Lauryn Kahn and directed by Alex Richanbach.

Translation: Kindly patient for a sequel to Ibiza.

Ibiza is available on Netflix. Follow all the news from Netflix.

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