Terrible nouvelle pour les Nets en vue de la fin de saison !

Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons in a box with a Lakers star, the viral images!

While the various training camps will not begin until the end of September, NBA stars can still take advantage of their holidays to get together and have a good time together. In this context, a video showing Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons and a Lakers superstar at the gates of a club is causing a buzz!

If they do not hesitate to go to a few nightlife establishments from time to time during the season, NBA players will rather tend to go there during the summer. Their schedule then turns out to be more conducive to this kind of outing, and moreover allows them to meet up with some of their counterparts. What sometimes give rise to unexpected groupings of stars.

Davis-KD-Simmons reunion ignites internet users

A few weeks ago, James Harden, Joel Embiid and PJ Tucker celebrated their reunion at the 76ers alongside famous rappers in New York. A gathering that could have given ideas to other figures in the league, opponents in normal times. A recent viral TikTok indeed revealed the reunion between Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons… and Anthony Davis in a Los Angeles nightclub!

Posted on July 23, this video quickly cast doubt on the web as to its date of capture. Indeed, AD’s haircut turns out here to be quite different from the one he posted a few hours earlier in another post. Never mind for most fans, who didn’t try to investigate further before drawing a little too hasty conclusions about future trades:

AD traded for Kyrie confirmed

KD at the Lakers it’s done

Sequence filmed recently, or reposted in a timely manner by an Internet user in search of buzz? Anyway, these images bringing together Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons should continue to make a lot of talk!

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