NBA LeBron se justifie après ses propos sur Griner

LeBron James badly insulted after the verdict of the Griner case

It was to be expected, Russian justice was not kind to Brittney Griner, who was heavily condemned this Thursday… The reactions follow one another from across the Atlantic, and LeBron James was strangely attacked by a great media personality.

It was a decision everyone was looking forward to, and the addition was particularly salty : Brittney Griner, WNBA superstar locked up in Moscow since February for possession of cannabis oil, was sentenced by Russian justice to 9 years in prison and a fine of more than 15,000 dollars… If nothing is done for her career is unfortunately over. Since the announcement, the world of basketball has multiplied gestures of support.

LeBron James deemed unpatriotic after Griner sentence

In the NBA too the reactions are multiplying, since Kyrie Irvingfor his first public appearance in months, made a crazy request about the Olympic champion. And in that steady stream of comments, LeBron James was viciously attacked by Dave Portnoy, media personality with 2.7 million Twitter followers:

This case is ridiculous and sad? What’s even more ridiculous is that there are jerks (like LeBron) who somehow blame the United States. It’s stories like this that should make everyone realize that despite our country being twisted at times, we’re so lucky to live here.

It’s hard to know what LeBron James is doing in this story, but according to the boss of the sulphurous media “Barstool Sports”, accused of racism and misogyny on numerous occasions, this case would be the perfect illustration that the United States is a country in which it is good to live. It would be almost to forget that the American penitentiary system is filled with convicts for possession of marijuana…

With this message, Dave Portnoy insinuates that LeBron James n / Awould not necessarily like his country and that he would not realize how lucky he is to live there. A rather inexplicable personal attack, since the King has little to do with this affair.

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