Review of a feel good movie

Review of a feel good movie

Good Morning Ireland

On closer inspection, the feel good rock movie is a more cluttered genre than it seems. Of rock academy, Good Morning EnglandPassing by Rock ‘n Love, there is no shortage of representatives of the genre. The one that interests us today is to be compared to a small indie nugget that has gone relatively unnoticed in France, entitled God Help the Girlwhose tangy freshness it shares, without trying to duplicate the gently sophisticated finery.

Because before being a musical, Sing Street is simply the story of a budding lovewhich we will not know if it is destined to flourish beyond the initiatory bluette, but whose importance is fundamental in the eyes of our young hero.

Conor is a not very smart teenager, caught in a vice between a family in the process of decomposition and an educational institution which has no other ambition than to make him vegetate until he is old enough to use the benches Dublin bars. To seduce a mysterious young girl, an aspiring model, he offers to hire her as a model in a music video for his band. Group that he will therefore have to invent from scratch to try to seduce the beautiful.

Guitar Hero

Sing Street is set in the early 80s, in an Ireland where Duran Duran and The Cure are exploding, as the clip for Thriller is turning music appreciation upside down. A detail that is not one, so much the soul of the film rests on this pivotal period. If the music videos of Connor and his band punctuate the story, it is because it is set at a time when this art form is expanding and changingtorn between a delirious experimental ambition and a narrative ambition driven by the success of Michael Jackson.


In the same way, Sing Street is a remarkably balanced combination of various ingredients. There is a strong breeding ground for social cinema (the film directly deals with the dereliction of Ireland in the 80s), a surprisingly strong fraternal narrative (where explodes Jack Raynor, the calf with hormones from the last Transformers, transfigured), Thus than a declaration of love to tinkered musiccraftsmanship and the crappy image typical of the 80’s.

Incredibly funny and touching, despite its classic, even academic development, Sing Street manages with a disarming sincerity to draw its energy from the dynamics of a protean era. boosted by an eclectic and electric soundtracksupported by a myriad of disarming gags and suffused with the awkward charm already at work in the Be Kind Rewind by Michel Gondry. The result stands out as an instant classicand the feel good movie of 2016.



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