La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, n'est qu'à quelques longueurs d'un record historique improbable

The crazy request made to LeBron to stay at the Lakers

In the heart of this hot summer, LeBron James must negotiate a possible contract extension with the Lakers. He is eligible to receive nearly $100 million, but a reporter made a wild request for the King to help the Lakers.

After a long period of vacation, during which he crossed the world, LeBron James is back in Los Angeles and the Lakers hall, where he trained with his two sons in recent days, creating a monumental buzz on social networks. Not only is he preparing for a great new season, but he’s also allowing Bryce and Bronny to progress.

In parallel with this gradual return to the field, the King must also take care of his contract extension with the Lakers, he who is eligible for a 2-year extension and nearly 100 million, which is attractive for a player from 37 years old… The discussions would also move in the right direction, Rich Paul and Rob Pelinka having had reassuring first contacts.

Skip Bayless asks LeBron to sign a small contract

But for Skip Bayless, accepting such an offer from its leaders would be totally selfish on the part of the King and it would jeopardize the future of the franchise. Indeed, the star consultant of the chain FS1 recommends to No. 6 of the Lakers to follow the example of Tim Duncan, by agreeing to considerably reduce his salary over the next season.

Help me out: why would LeBron refuse to take less dollars from the Lakers to maximize his chances of winning a new ring??? He is a BILLIONAIRE. In 2013 and 2014, Tim Duncan only took 10 million a year. Spurs should have been champions both seasons. One more reason why Duncan was more important to his team than LeBron.

According to Skip Bayless, LeBron James should follow the example of Tim Duncan and other legends like Dirk Nowitzki, by accepting a relatively small contract in order to offer flexibility to his leaders in the market. It is true that he is not necessarily in financial need, and that Rob Pelinka could use a few million more to rejuvenate and strengthen the workforce. With such a gesture, the King would only sublimate his legend.

For a player like LeBron James, who has won everything and who is already extremely rich, the contract is above all a reflection of the ego, it could therefore have difficulty in reaching as much as small role players. But a cut would be good for his title chances.

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