La star NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait voir l'une de ses cibles de l'été refuser le poste qui pourrait lui être offert dans la franchise

“The Lakers will waste a year of LeBron by doing this”

LeBron James will see his current contract expire in a year, and has not yet offered guarantees to the Lakers that he will stay there after this expiry. Against this backdrop, a famous insider has warned the Angelinos not to waste the King’s upcoming season by making a big mistake.

Unless the situation turns around, it is indeed under the Purple & Gold jersey that he should play his 20th NBA campaign. LeBron James would indeed intend to continue his journey with the Lakers, at least until the expiration of his contract next June. For the time being, it is impossible to know if he will extend his adventure in Los Angeles beyond this period, or if he will prefer a change of scenery for the 4th time in his career.

The current context is also intended to be tense about the King, since he can since Thursday sign an extension with residents of the Staples Center. Discussions have therefore already begun between its representatives and the Angelino front office, and have some positive progress in recent hours. However, this does not prevent some fans and observers from continuing to have concerns in this matter.

Russell Westbrook harmful to LeBron James’ season?

Despite the encouraging update offered by the LeBron camp, its extension is still anything but recorded. Some insider returns are even worryingand hint that the upcoming season could be the King’s last in LA In the latest episode of his podcast, Ryen Russillo of The Ringer therefore called on the Lakers not to sabotage it by keeping Russell Westbrook in the rotation:

Whatever level he presents himself with at the end of the summer, seeing Westbrook return to the Lakers is worse than not playing. That’s how bad his fit with the Lakers is. If they try the experiment again with Westbrook, they will waste a year for LeBron, and possibly one of the only two top-flight seasons he has left to play in the league.

The duo formed by the two men clearly showed its limits last year, and Russillo does not expect to see it crowned with success overnight. He therefore invites Rob Pelinka and his assistants to get rid of Russell Westbrook before it’s too late, so that you can enjoy the last years at the top of LBJ:

What I hate about the Lakers right now, and what I consider the worst option, is pretending they’re going to bring Westbrook back for another season and everything’s going to be fine. Westbrook came to the NBA because he was stubborn, and he’s going to get kicked out of the NBA eventually because he’s still stubborn.

Will Russ manage against all odds to adapt to his leader’s game, and allow him to play the leading roles in the league at 38? In any case, for that he will have to make Russillo lie… and thwart all the predictions!

As the end of LeBron James’ career draws ever closer, the Lakers would be about to squander some of it by maintaining their faith in Russell Westbrook. A shattering opinion, which may however be shared by many fans!

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