Kyrie Irving de retour avec les Nets

The Nets post a message for Kyrie, the fans are on fire!

Nobody knows yet if Kyrie Irving will stay with the Nets for the next season, but a reversal of the situation remains possible. A time quoted at the Lakers, the point guard could finally stay in the Big Apple, which does not bother him at all. The last interaction with the Nets twitter account certainly did not fail to react.

Long sent to the Lakers, Kyrie Irving is currently a Nets player. Rob Pelinka is still trying to lure him across the country, but let’s just say Brooklyn isn’t here to give presents. Flush out Irving? It’s possible, but the Angelinos will have to drop at least two draft picks. Too high a price, to the point that LeBron James will probably not find his teammate.

Be careful, however, the summer is still long, while the approach of the training camp could favor certain discussions, or even accelerate them. This is the hope for the Pourpre et Or, who are still ready to temporize in this soap opera. Nevertheless, another trade is possible with the Knicks and the Jazz, with no less than 5 players in total. Irving is not concerned, which means that his departure is not certain, far from it.

The interaction between the Nets and Irving that panics the fans!

We seem to be heading for a status quo, with a Kyrie who could finally stay in Brooklyn. We recall that it was Kevin Durant who asked to leave, and not the former Celtic, which we can see as collateral damage. His future remains unclear, even if the last tweet from the Nets did not fail to react. A simple caption, accompanied by a few photos of Kyrie, in full prowess on a parquet floor.

A real show that the team can enjoy 🀝

It’s pretty rare, especially since the rumors, to see the Nets drop interactions with Irving. A strong sign, and perhaps a signal for the future:

Maybe that’s an indication that Kyrie is going to stick with Brooklyn this season?

For Kyrie Irving, it is clear that staying with the Nets is not a problem. This tweet is not there by chance, especially in the midst of a trade rumor at the Lakers. The leader could ultimately stay in the Big Apple, although the person concerned is not a decision maker here.

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