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The Rudy Gobert/Donovan Mitchell war revived?! The tweet of discord

After five years of eventful cohabitation in the ranks of Jazz, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have finally just been separated by the leaders of Utah. A recent innocuous tweet has nevertheless once again unleashed passions about their duo.

The controversy initiated by the French at the edge of the hiatus had already caused a first fracture. Their lack of cohesion on the ground has only amplified this phenomenon. It is therefore in a tumultuous context that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert said goodbye a few weeks ago, following the trade of the star pivot in Minnesota. However, it only took a simple tweet to rekindle the tensions concerning them.

Gobert? Mitchell? The eternal debate revived by the fans

Rudy Gobert in 2022:

With Donovan Mitchell
– 15.1 points
– 14.8 rebounds
– 70.8% shooting

Without Donovan Mitchell
– 18.6 points
– 13.6 rebounds
– 73.5% shooting

Statistics that came out of nowhere, only the reputable account StatMuse therefore saw fit to share following the dissolution of the Gobert-Mitchell pair. But while their goal was only to predict the averages of the international tricolor next season, these figures have borrowed a completely different scope on the web. They indeed put back on the table the stormy discussion aiming to determine which of the two men… was the star of Jazz!

@A_Delgado1109: Useless stats. It just means that when their best player was not available, others had to raise their level of play.

@RockChalk981: Best player ? Lol no really not. We talk about the best defensive pivot and one of the worst defensive backs. We are talking about the most efficient player in the league and an efficient scorer with a high volume of shots. Stop that.

@Venylluh: Donovan was making the Jazz’s best player less good

@SkipPassEnjoyer: Donovan was the best player on the team, stop with your fake crank propaganda

Nearly a month after leaving Utah, Rudy Gobert still sees his bygone association with Donovan Mitchell causing major altercations on social networks. What to be satisfied that he was finally able to put it all behind him!

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