La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, a salement trollé un prestigieux spectateur de la rencontre opposant sa franchise aux Boston Celtics

“We are not in 2017”: the plan B of a courtier of Kevin Durant shattered!

Kevin Durant arouses many desires in the NBA, but does not see for the moment any franchise capable of acceding to the requests of the Nets to recover it. One of his suitors has therefore thought of an alternative… which does not pass at all with the fans!

Series number 1 at the start of the offseason in the NBA, it could finally end in a status quo. Kevin Durant does not seem ready to pack his bags, and this, because of the great firmness of the Nets in the negotiations concerning him. The latter are waiting for an XXL offer to sell their star, and begin to disgust the interested teams, who therefore turn to other potential recruits.

The Heat’s lunar trail in the event of a Durant file failure

Among the first franchises mentioned in this saga, the Heat were among the most active in the pursuit of Durant. The Florida front office even drew an offer to win the bet, quickly refused by Brooklyn. Several weeks have since passed, and the leaders of South Beach could well be looking at another reinforcement according to an anonymous executive, questioned by Heavy :

I think there’s one guy the Heat would be keeping tabs on, and that’s Gordon Hayward. Charlotte is in a difficult position with the Bridges case, and they may be looking to center their project around LaMelo Ball. Hayward still has two years left on his contract. If the Heat want to get rid of (Tyler) Herro before they have to pay him, and move (Duncan) Robinson, those two plus Omer (Yurtseven) and a pick could be enough to get Hayward.

If he fails to snatch KD from the clutches of the Nets with their package, the Heat could therefore offer the latter to get their hands on… Gordon Hayward. A much less high-sounding name than the Slim Reaper, or even Donovan Mitchell, also targeted by Miami. The fans therefore gave themselves to their heart’s content to destroy this choice, recalling that the Charlotte winger is now far from the high level he displayed at Jazz!

🤮 We are no longer in the middle of the 2017 off-season

No kidding, I’ll stop supporting this team if it’s done.

More and more defeatist in its quest leading to Kevin Durant, the Heat would therefore see Gordon Hayward as a possible recourse solution. Their fans, they definitely do not seem ready to accept such a choice by default!

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